Pinterest obsession meets crocheting

UPDATE:  My crocheted creations are now available on etsy!!!

I am a Pinterest addict.  When I first was introduced to Pinterest, I wondered, “why would anyone use this? It just makes me feel like I’m not doing enough.”  After a few minutes though, I was hooked.  The next thing I knew, an hour had passed and my boards were filling up fast.  I pinned everything from crafting and cooking to style and gift ideas.  Much of my meal planning is a direct result of pinning on Pinterest.  It’s funny because I actually now think of Pinterest as a time saver. How weird is that?

With a my Pinterest pinning, I have come across a number of crocheting ideas.  I have been crocheting for many years.  My grandmother first taught me how to chain stitch when I was only 4 or 5 years old.  I quickly progressed to crocheting small blankets for my dolls and stuffed animals.  Scarfs soon followed.  I loved watching the ball of thread transform into something new.  I would watch my grandmother working on a new pattern for an afghan and she would teach me how to create it too.

Fast forward several years.  I came across a darling crocheted angel Christmas ornament.  I thought to myself, “I could make this. I’ve crocheted for years.”  I ordered the pattern and when it arrived, I was shocked.  What is this?  It looks like it’s in another language.  Because my grandmother always explained how to complete each project, I never learned to read a pattern.  It was quite the wake up call. My grandmother had passed away, so I couldn’t ask her about it.   I called my mom to vent about my apparent ignorance and she confessed having similar problems with complicated patterns as well.  I eventually got through that angel ornament pattern, but I was so frustrated through the whole process I couldn’t bring myself to make any more.

Fast forward a few more years.  I was still crocheting, but only the tried and true old patterns that I had created over and over again since my childhood.  Patterns so familiar that I never had to look in a book or reference the back of any yarn labels.

These patterns were ingrained in my memory and I preferred it that way, but this new Pinterest thing was bugging me.  I found all these great new patterns and finally I convinced myself to try again.  Armed with trusty Google, I worked my way through a simple hat and flower pattern.

My confidence with crocheting grew exponentially.  I saw my friend Kendra pinned this great scarf pattern on PInterest.  It was a scarf designed to look like a fox.  Too cute!  I thought about making the scarf as a gift for her because I knew she didn’t crochet.

After I thought about it for a while, I thought I’d really rather make an opossum scarf instead of a fox.  Anyone that has met my friend Kendra know that the is OBSESSED with opossums.  She loves them!  Have you ever tried to find opossum stuff?  It’s not easy.  I searched high and low for an opossum scarf pattern.  Maybe I could make my own opossum pattern.  I was too intimidated to design a pattern from scratch.  I purchased the fox pattern from  I changed the colors of the scarf and redesigned the nose/face, ears, legs, and tail.

I realize that the market for an opossum scarf is probably pretty small, but Kendra absolutely LOVED it.  It really turned out great.  Now I feel that I have the tools to create more of my own patterns in the future.  Yay!