Here comes the sun…

Wow!! What is that strange glowing orange sphere hovering in the sky?  Oh wait….the sun.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I had forgotten what it looked like.  I’m not really a big fan of winter.  I believe that it should only snow on Christmas Eve and even then, it should only be a light dusting.  I don’t even mind the cold weather that much, but the GRAY.  I can’t stand the gray.  This past winter seemed to be even longer and grayer (is that a word?) than usual.  I think I started anxiously awaiting springtime sometime in early January and then the groundhog had to go and lie to all of us springtime lovers.  As usual, I helped myself get through those dreary days by getting my seedlings ready for the garden.

photo (29)

This year I decided to plant tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, leaf lettuce, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, and sugar snap peas.  I also have basil growing on my windowsill.  I tend to go a little crazy when shopping for seeds, but I try to limit my choices to veggies my husband and I will eat regularly.

The winter seemed to go on forever this year.  We even got blanketed with snow at the end of March when we just one year prior the trees had been in bloom for a month.  Finally, last weekend we had our first good springtime days.  My husband and I jumped at the chance to get outside.  My big goal this year was to get a new trellis option for my sugar snap peas and cucumbers.  The ones from last year just weren’t up to snuff.  This is where I relied on my handy hubby again.  Check out the trellis he built!

photo (30)

PVC pipe is awesome!!! For just a few dollars, we were able to build this uber-sturdy trellis that will (hopefully) last us for several years.  I used twine to create the individual support structure and I realize that it will probably need to be replaced (possibly even this year) but I didn’t want to use anything heavier until I knew exactly how I wanted it.   You can also see the effects of my awesome irrigation system.  Most of those lines don’t have anything planted yet, but I wanted to get the placement right when we were doing all the set up.  Hopefully, we will have good luck this year.

photo (31)

Here you can see the baby sugar snap peas beginning to climb up their lines.  I only planted the seedlings for the peas and lettuce for now.  It’s still too early for the other plants.  I planted the lettuce and plan to have spinach in the two rows under the trellis.  That way, as the cucumbers and peas grow, they will provide shade for the others.                                                                    



photo (28)

When I was digging up the garden to prepare it for this year’s crops, I realized that some of my kale survived the winter…snow and all.  So here is my last kale harvest leftover from last year. Score!

After picking the kale, I borrowed a tiller to turn over all the soil.  Then, I added a few bags of manure and peat moss, plus the contents of my worm farm/compost bin to the soil.  I ran the tiller over it all a few more times to get it mixed in well. I set up the trellis and planted some seedlings.   Now the really hard part….waiting.


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